Q. How do you use Footbeat?

A. In order to get optimal performance, the user should be seated or reclining. Footbeat can be worn as long as it is comfortable or as prescribed by your doctor. If at any time you feel discomfort, discontinue use.

Q. Does it feel good?

A. The single-pulse massage motion is applied to the bottom of the foot (every 35 seconds for Footbeat Health and every 20 seconds for the Footbeat Sport). The pad rises into the arch of the foot and holds for two seconds. We are confident most of our customers will enjoy wearing Footbeat but for those customers that do find the pressure uncomfortable, we would encourage you to visit our customer support page so we can help resolve the issue

Q. Do you offer a warranty on the Footbeat?

A. Yes, Footbeat comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (excluding original and return shipping), starting from purchase date of the product. Contact Footbeat customer service number 844-388-2839 for guidance on returning items or visit support.

Q. What medical conditions is Footbeat used for?

A. Footbeat relieving the pain and discomfort related to conditions such as Edema, Venous Insufficiency, Lymphedema, Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Ulcers and Peripheral Neuropathy.

Q. Is Footbeat covered by insurance?

A. No, Footbeat is not reimbursable by insurance. Footbeat can be applied to Flex Savings Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Q. What kit/shoe is right for me?

A. If your feet are swollen or have deformities, the Footbeat X DARCO GentleStep will ensure a comfortable fit with its wider sole, velcro fastener and spandex material. If your feet fit comfortably into a standard shoes, the Footbeat Recovery Kit with the Footbeat Moc is recommended.

Q.Can I keep the Footbeats on the charger?

A. Yes! We highly recommend you leave the Footbeat insoles on the charger when not in use. The bluetooth technology used to communication with the remote and app, which increases the battery drain between charges. NOTE - Please make sure you remove the insoles when charging. The side of the moc or DARCO shoe can push against the charging cord, creating a bad connection between the cord and the insole..

Q. What happens if the Footbeat pad remains in the up position?

A. This behavior is often due to a fully drained battery. To fix this problem: 1) Put the insoles on the charger until you see a green light around the charging port on the insoles and 2) re-pair the insoles with your remote or phone. IMPORTANT: When re-pairing, your app or phone must be within 1-2 inches of the insoles.

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Unboxing Active Recovery
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Pairing Recovery Kit


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CONTOURED INSOLES – The Footbeat Contoured Insoles are designed to be extremely comfortable while providing maximum results. Despite our best efforts, we cannot design an insole that will be perfect for all people. If you have highly sensitive feet, feet that don't fit into most shoes or feet that require custom insoles or shoes, please contact your health care provider before buying Footbeat. Custom solutions may be available and we want to make sure you have the most satisfying Footbeat experience possible.

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