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Dr. David Mayer, a practicing orthopedic surgeon of more than 35 years, was increasingly frustrated by his patient’s resistance to using life-saving circulation enhancement devices. Talking with post-operative patients and patients suffering from lower body circulatory conditions led him to pinpoint three common complaints about existing devices: immobility, noise and discomfort.


Increasing circulation in his patients’ lower extremities was extremely important, so he sought a better solution—one that was non-invasive, comfortable, allowed patients to be completely mobile, and had no unwanted side effects. After seven years of development and testing, he created Footbeat.


Footbeat is a first-in-class active recovery device, providing a therapeutic massage that reduces pain and increases the body’s circulation through precise, cyclic pressure on the bottom of the foot. This proven method helps users achieve the natural circulatory benefits of walking during periods of immobility. Footbeat is clinically proven, non-invasive, mobile, and easy to use, which leads to better compliance, superior results and improved health.