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50 Leading Startups Selected for 2018 Showcase and Accelerator

MedTech Innovator, the premier nonprofit startup accelerator in the medical technology industry, today announced that 50 companies have been selected to participate in the organization’s four-month 2018 program, featuring the industry’s most promising medical technologies from around the globe. The 2018 cohort features 25 early-stage and 25 mid-stage companies with transformative device, diagnostic, and digital health technologies.…more

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Fly for any length of time and you are likely to get a little swelling in your legs and possibly some cramps. Then there’s the dreaded walk off the plane, robot-style. Alas, planes don’t come equipped with recumbent bikes that allow you to cycle along and keep up your circulation. The big problem with flying and legs is that without a significant amount of walking and movement, the blood and fluids descend to the feet and stay there. Foot and leg exercises help, but only to a small degree, as the space is so restricted that seat aerobics is not possible. Footbeat, a unique medical circulation booster may be your travel answer.…more

Footbeat awarded winner at

InnoSTARS Denver Competition

Footbeat announced today that the company has been named a winner at the InnoSTARS Denver pitch competition, for its revolutionary medical device, Footbeat…more

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“I don’t often do reviews, but I was really intrigued by this concept and product and wanted to learn more. I was sent a demo of the Recovery Kit from Footbeat. It is a product that increases circulation through precise, cyclic pressure on the bottom of the foot.”…more


Footbeat welcomes


Osteopathic Integrative Medicine (OIM) focuses on health as opposed to the disease. OIM combines the understanding of anatomy and physiology with the art of science and osteopathic care to give their patients a true path to heal. Located in Lakewood, Colorado, OIM’s team of Doctors of Osteopathy, Certified Athletic Trainers and Specialists work to provide their patients a holistic, comprehensive and individualized approach to wellness. Visit to inquire how Footbeat might be a part of your wellness plan.

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PMHC Physical therapy is now offering Footbeat as a recovery treatment option for patients. PMHC physical therapists treat individuals of all ages, from newborns to the elderly, who have medical problems or other health-related conditions, illnesses or injuries that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities as well as they would like in their daily lives. After each patient is examined, PMHC develops an individual plan using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. Click here to learn more.

Footbeat welcomes


Footbeat is now available as a recovery treatment at Amy Hill Fife Physical Therapy. Located in Grand Junction, Colorado, Amy has over 20 years of combined experience in orthopedics, women’s health, pelvic health, exercise & sports medicine, community education, lecturing and consulting. Schedule an appointment today for your life-changing experience. Click here for more information.

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Footbeat would like to extend a warm welcome to New West Orthopaedic & Sports Rehabilitation to the Footbeat family of providers. Serving cities in Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, New West offers 32 Physical Therapists, 14 Physical Therapist Assistants, 10 Occupational Therapists, three Speech Therapists, and one Certified Athletic Trainer treating a wide variety of rehabilitation conditions. Click her for more information.

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Centrally located near the base of Colorado’s Aspen mountain, Aspen Sports Medicine & Chiropractic provides a hands-on approach to sports medicine. Aspen Sports Medicine provides many state of the art services to their patients including extremity rehabilitation, physical therapy, ART patented massaging technique, custom orthotics and sports performance training just to name a few. Footbeat is proud to be added as a treatment and recovery therapy option at Aspen Sports Medicine. Click here for more information.

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Founder owner, and operator Denise Searle has a lifelong passion for fitness. Denise and her excellent team of colleagues explore the innovative and evolving world of body therapy and continues to discover new opportunities to bring to The Fix such as workshops, special guests and new services. Her mission is to help people feel better and heal faster naturally. Click here for more information.

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Footbeat is now available at Western Orthopedics and Sports Medicine located in Grand Junction Colorado. They specialize in the treatment of injuries to the musculoskeletal system which is made up of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves. Comprised of a team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians board-certified in internal medicine, Western Orthopedics and Sports Medicine’s mission is to help patients from all walks of life. If you are suffering from a condition that can be improved with increased circulation, stop by Western Orthopedics & Sports Medicine and give Footbeat a try!

Improve circulation in your lower body with Footbeat, the wearable in your shoe


You may not have been born with an engine to power your movement, but thanks to 21st century technology, you can certainly add one. No, we’re not talking about turning you into a bionic human, or implanting another heart into your body. Rather, you can introduce an engine to your system by way of Footbeat, a new …more

Dr. Daniel Lopez


Dr. Daniel Lopez discusses Footbeat and the health benefits with our VP of Sales, Tom Curran. See the video here.

Footbeat of Grand Junction puts first product on market

By The Daily Sentinel

It was a 10-year road for Dr. David Mayer and son, Matt, to realize an idea and launch their business. But now the two have a product on the market after the Food and Drug Administration approved Footbeat’s device. Footbeat is…more

Republished on Physical Therapy Products & Right Relevance

Dr. David Mayer


Dr. David Mayer, Chief Medical Officer of Footbeat, talks about the Foot Pump in part 4 of an 11 part series of videos.


By Mandy Murray

Get your blood pumping. Whether you are sitting at your desk or recovering from this morning’s five mile run, there is a new technology on the market determined to massage the arch of your foot to…more

Circulatory Insole System


Footbeat is an insole-based wearable technology featuring a small embedded engine that promotes circulation by applying precise, cyclic pressure to the arch. This system acts as a “heart,” reproducing the circulatory benefits of walking even when …more.

Treat Your Feet to a Pair of Footbeats


During his more than 35 years as an orthopedic surgeon in Grand Junction, David Mayer became concerned with a rise in adverse effects from a sedentary lifestyle. Realizing reduced circulation…more


Houston Life

Thank you KPCR Click2Houston, Dr. Lepow, Dr. Montero and the Baylor College of Medicine for including Footbeat in your discussion about circulatory enhancement products during Diabetes Awareness Week. Click here to see the video

Joe Ruzich, PT

Synergy Physical Therapy and Wellness

Footbeat is now available at Synergy Physical Therapy and Wellness in Pueblo, Colorado. Owned and operated by Physical Therapist, Joe Ruzich, Synergy offers a magnitude of revolutionary therapies and specialized treatment programs.
“I help people with foot and leg pain stand, walk and play again without pain. This is important because it allows them to return to their normal life and it speaks to their underlying desire of feeling able, confident, and independent.”

Rocky Mountain

Orthopaedic Associates

Rocky Mountain Orthopaedic Associates is a premier, 14-member physician and surgeon orthopedic practice serving Grand Junction, Colorado and Colorado’s western slope. Some of the many speicalities provided by RMOA include trauma, foot and ankle, hand and wrist, joint replacement, pediatric orthopedics, sports medicine and physical therapy. Footbeat is now one of the treatments offered by Rocky Mountain Orthopedics to promote healing and help patients get back on their feet!

“We had a diabetic with chronic wound patient with constant left foot burning pain. It was gone after a 20 minute Footbeat treatment. The foot and ankle swelling had gone down so much that her shoe was actually too big for her when she left the office.”
Kathy Clifford
DME Coordinator
Rocky Mountain Orthopaedic Associates

Dr. Gail King

Foot Support Group

Please help us welcome Dr. Gail King and Regen Aspen to the Footbeat family. Dr. King offers cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatments and services for clientele in the Aspen region. We are excited to have Dr. King offering Footbeat to her patients and putting them on a path to recovery.

Dr. Gerhard Rill

Foot Support Group

Footbeat is proud to have Dr. Gerhard Rill and the Foot Support Group, Inc. as part of the Footbeat family since May of 2017. Located in Clifton, CO, Battlement Mesa, CO and Buena Vista, CO, Foot Support Group offers prefabricated and European designed custom orthotics. When treating conditions like plantar fasciitis, post-surgical care, foot and ankle pain or metatarsalgia, improved circulation could be the the solution. That’s when Dr. Rill prescribes Footbeat!