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…my leg feels so relaxed!! This is huge!! I have the sense that this device could be a revolution in the athletic community!

Iñigo San Millán, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine
Director of Sports Performance Program and Physiology Lab
CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center

After 2-3 years of continual pain, I can go to work pain free.

Michael Reeder, DO
Albany Medical College, Sports Medicine Fellowship
University of Western Colorado, Mesa State, Team Physician
St. Mary’s Hospital, Attending Physician

...leg is lighter and more alive... having a great massage... ...where has this thing been...?

Kevin K.
Former Navy Seal

Years ago, I set a goal to run until I turned 70. As I near 70 and have discovered Footbeat, my legs feel so good that I’m reevaluating that goal and thinking I could easily extend it another five years and run until I’m 75

Jerry K. - Utah

The pain was so bad (plantar fasciitis) in the morning when I had to operate, I would have paid thousands of dollars to get rid of it; and, now after using Micro-Mobile Compression intermittently for 3-4 weeks, I’m totally cured.

James Narrod, MD
Medical Director, Progressive Care Unit, Head heart and lung transplant unit
Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, Denver, CO
Chief of Surgery, St. Mary’s hospital, Grand Junction, CO

Medical Research

Over the past seven years, Footbeat has been studied, tested and validated by the Footbeat team and independent medical professionals & researchers both in the United States and internationally. Footbeat has successfully completed four, third-party conducted studies evaluating blood flow and athletic performance. Foot compression has been used in hospitals and clinics for over the past 30 years for therapeutic use in the treatment of pain, diabetic neuropathy, edema, and circulatory enhancement.


John H. – Boulder CO

6 1/2 weeks after surgery, using Footbeat on my leg every day - physical therapist said I was a full month ahead of where they thought I would be. Immediately after my procedure they said I probably wouldn't drive until summer. In April I fit into my wife’s SUV by about 2”...and can drive. They also "promoted" me today from my walker to a cane. They were amazed.

Ryan S. – Tucson, AZ

My wife might become Footbeat’s new spokeswoman. She is immeasurably impressed with the product... She put them on first thing this morning and continues to wear them now while she works on her computer at home. She can’t stop talking about how comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing, therapeutic, and uplifting the Footbeat experience is.

Kathleen M – Colorado Springs, CO

After 4 - 5 years of walking with a cane in the backyard -- I caught [my father] yesterday playing frisbee with our pup -- WITHOUT the cane. His legs felt so good, he forgot it! He says he can't believe how relaxing it is, and how good it feels on his arch. He's not totally cane free yet -- but we are hopeful!

Barry N.

I have been using the product for the last 3 weeks about 3 times a week after a workout of running, playing racquetball, and other activities.
Before I start using the product, after a hard workout, I was experiencing problems with my legs at night. I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to take an Aleve (naproxen) for relief from Aches and pains.
Since I started using the Foot beat for about 1 hour before I go to bed, I have not had the aches and pains after a workout and have not had to take an Aleve.
I have also found the process very relaxing and helpful in slowing down from a busy day.
I have had no problems in the operations of the product. After a charge and inserting the soles in the boot, the products performs as advertised.

Orthopedic surgeon - Newport, OR.

The Footbeat shipment arrived yesterday. Love it!!!
I used it twice so far. It took away the swelling in my feet- even the toes, which usually get more swollen with compression socks.
Sally tried it just now (she had foot surgery 4 months ago and has had continuing problems with pain and swelling). Even though the mocs are theoretically too big for her, she just snugged up the laces and they worked fine. It blew her away. Edema - gone. Venous congestion - gone.
Pretty amazing invention. Thanks for your help in getting them.

Jeremy K. - Utah

I noticed very quickly that using Footbeat on a daily basis made my legs feel fresher when I’d get up in the morning and head out for my morning run. I stretch and do my normal routine and noticed immediately that my normal warmup felt better and was easier due to Footbeat.

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CONTOURED INSOLES – The Footbeat Contoured Insoles are designed to be extremely comfortable while providing maximum results. Despite our best efforts, we cannot design an insole that will be perfect for all people. If you have highly sensitive feet, feet that don't fit into most shoes or feet that require custom insoles or shoes, please contact your health care provider before buying Footbeat. Custom solutions may be available and we want to make sure you have the most satisfying Footbeat experience possible.

Our primary goal at Footbeat is to help our customers “Move Ahead”. If you have any questions, please contact support at

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