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Footbeat applies precise, cyclic pressure to the arch of the foot every 20 seconds. This action propels blood up the veins and back to the heart, replicating the body’s natural response to walking and running. And by engaging only when you’re seated, Footbeat reduces pain without exerting the muscles or requiring clunky socks and frustrating tubes. All without restricting your mobility during use.

Higher performance is oftentimes only linked to intense training, yet it’s the ability to recover that gives an athlete a competitive edge. Footbeat speeds up the body’s natural repair process, leading to improved performance and fewer injuries. Enhanced lower body circulation also re-energizes stiff and sore muscles before a workout, ensuring a strong start and a satisfying finish.

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After a training session, workout or match, the circulatory system begins to naturally contract limiting a muscle’s ability to fully recover, leading to soreness, cramping, fatigue and reduced athletic performance. Implementing active recovery is crucial. Footbeat provides immediate active recovery that reduces the potential for soreness and injury, elevates training levels and increases performance. Footbeat’s proven technology accomplishes these results by increasing circulation, which has been shown through clinical research to encourage:

Healthy blood flow
Return to normal lactic levels
Evacuation of metabolic waste

Athletic recovery

Footbeat’s patented technology provides users with a unique experience: active recovery that is proven, mobile, non-invasive and comfortable. Simply slip Footbeat on, push the wireless button, and start recovering.

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CONTOURED INSOLES – The Footbeat Contoured Insoles are designed to be extremely comfortable while providing maximum results. Despite our best efforts, we cannot design an insole that will be perfect for all people. If you have highly sensitive feet, feet that don't fit into most shoes or feet that require custom insoles or shoes, please contact your health care provider before buying Footbeat. Custom solutions may be available and we want to make sure you have the most satisfying Footbeat experience possible.

Our primary goal at Footbeat is to help our customers “Move Ahead”. If you have any questions, please contact support at support@footbeat.com.

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