Recovery Kit Sport

OPERATION - Don’t be surprised when Footbeat activates that it produces a sound. It’s completely normal and expected. Watch this video to hear the sound before you order.

SIZING - If you’re questioning what size to order, we’d encourage you to choose the larger size. If you need help choosing the correct size, please click here.

GUARANTEE - If you are not completely satisfied with Footbeat you may return the complete system within 30 days of receipt of product for a full refund.

ENGINE: Powered with rechargeable lithium polymer, the engine is water resistant and weighs only 3.7 oz. (105 g).

INSOLE: The comfortable and durable removable insole houses the Footbeat engine in a protective material that is water-resistant.

MOCS: Made with breathable, 4-way flex material that is comfortable, lightweight, and stretchable. The moc features pull-string laces for a secure fit and non-slip soles.

SOCKS: We’ve partnered with Wigwam to design a sock that is thin and moisture resistant to allow the precise amount of pressure to the arch of the foot.

CHARGER: The 42" magnetic connect charger allows for quick, effortless charging. Light indicators show when Footbeat is charging and when charging is complete.

REMOTE: The sleek remote uses Bluetooth low energy (LE) technology that provides a range of six feet while using less power for longer battery life.

APP:  Control your Footbeat with your phone. Download the app, pair it with your Footbeat and start recovering. No remote needed.

TOTE BAG: Take Footbeat on the go with the convenient tote. The mesh bag offers mobility with air flow. 



  Risk-free for 30 days!

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CONTOURED INSOLES – The Footbeat Contoured Insoles are designed to be extremely comfortable while providing maximum results. Despite our best efforts, we cannot design an insole that will be perfect for all people. If you have highly sensitive feet, feet that don't fit into most shoes or feet that require custom insoles or shoes, please contact your health care provider before buying Footbeat. Custom solutions may be available and we want to make sure you have the most satisfying Footbeat experience possible.

Our primary goal at Footbeat is to help our customers “Move Ahead”. If you have any questions, please contact support at

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