Recovery Kit Sport

OPERATION - A small pad rises every 20 seconds into the arch of the foot when seated or lying down The pad lifts quickly and holds for two seconds Auto sensing technology ensures precise pressure by adjusting to your foot’s contour and arch height Don’t be surprised when Footbeat activates that it produces a sound. It’s completely normal and expected. Watch this video to hear the sound before you order.

SIZING - Questioning what size to order, we’d encourage you to choose the larger size. If you need help choosing the correct size, please click here.

GUARANTEE - If you are not completely satisfied with Footbeat you may return the complete system within 30 days of receipt of product for a full refund.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for our size 15 and larger.


  Risk-free for 30 days!



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Footbeat Hat


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Remote for Sport


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Engine for Sport


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Replacement Insoles


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CONTOURED INSOLES – The Footbeat Contoured Insoles are designed to be extremely comfortable while providing maximum results. Despite our best efforts, we cannot design an insole that will be perfect for all people. If you have highly sensitive feet, feet that don't fit into most shoes or feet that require custom insoles or shoes, please contact your health care provider before buying Footbeat. Custom solutions may be available and we want to make sure you have the most satisfying Footbeat experience possible.

Our primary goal at Footbeat is to help our customers “Move Ahead”. If you have any questions, please contact support at

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